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Cantina San Michele Appiano

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Via Circonvallazione 17/19, , Trentino Alto Adige 39057
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Cantina San Michele Appiano

For over a century, Cantina San Michele Appiano has been producing great wines from extraordinary grape varieties in accordance with the long-standing South Tyrolean winemaking tradition.

This is thanks to Hans Terzer, an internationally renowned winemaker who, with his experience and intuition, has led the winery to success, and to the 330 winemaker partners who tend to their vineyards with great passion every day.

The winery is located along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, precisely in Appiano, a small town with more than 1,000 hectares of vineyards, which today is the largest winegrowing municipality in the whole region.

With its unique structure, which allows visitors to truly experience the South Tyrolean culture, the Cantina San Michele Appiano winery towers over the landscape: a leading winemaking company where grapes are always processed in keeping with tradition and with an eye to innovation.

Its 385 hectares of vineyards are nestled in the hills at the foot of the Mendel massif, where there is a cool breeze at night; this special microclimate is the reason why the grapes of this area are of unmistakable quality.

White wines account for 70% of production, including the well-known, award-winning Appius wines and the entire Sanct Valentin line.

Not to mention the most prominent red wine, the recent Pinot Noir Riserva The Wine Collection 2015, Hans Terzer’s latest stimulating challenge.

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